George Fisher


George Fisher was born in Chattanooga and raised in Washington DC. He attended Columbus University. Fisher served his country during World War II. Part of that time, he played trumpet in the Air Force Orchestra often heard on Contact, a weekly show on NBC.  After the war, he attended The National Academy of Broadcasting and served as a teacher and director of training. George worked at WMAL and WGMS in Washington. Then, he and two classmates opened WKOB in North Adams, Massachusetts.

 In 1952, Fisher was on his way to Florida for a job interview when he heard about an opening in Augusta. He moved to WGAC, and then helped put WAUG on the air. After a brief sting as morning man/program director at WBBQ, he became co owner of WBIA. After serving as the stations program director, morning man and manager for nearly two decades, he retuned to WGAC in 1982. He hosted the morning show, known for a daily devotional and marching the kids off to school. “Time to get ‘em slicked and shined, buckled and bowed, zipped up, tuned up, tucked in, combed out, look out, be careful, heeeeeere they come, marching out the door to school”.

George Fisher worked tirelessly in the community and was recognized with many awards. He served on the boards of many charitable foundations and organization and was active in his church. 




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