2009 Legacy Inductee

Bill Hoger

Bill Hoger was born in Atlanta  and began his radio career as an occasional caller to 2007 Georgia Radio Hall of Fame inductee Ludlow Porch’s show. He became one of Ludlow’s favorite callers. He then turned his attention to the WKLS morning show where he became a semi-regular caller and in-studio guest performing as Elvis along with a new character called Baby Ruth. In 1985 he teamed up with Jerry Buckner to work on the Stonewall Jackson afternoon drive show at Y-106 doing fresh comedy that included “Vegas Vice”, an ongoing parody of Miami Vice which featured Elvis and partner Liberace, working the streets of Las Vegas. By 1989 the two signed on as regulars with Randy & Spiff at Fox97 and began what would become a 16 year run featuring a host of funny characters including Ed the Mechanic, Gramps, Mohammed, the convenience store clerk, and Sylvester Sydell of Sydell and Sons Funeral Home. Hoger and Buckner syndicated their comedy service to other radio stations and made a guest appearance on the television series partially filmed in Georgia, “In the Heat of The Night”. Bill can still be heard on Waffle House Jukeboxes as Bill “The King” Hoger. He won the AIR award for Best Bit in 1999, Best Commercial Parody and Best Character in 2001, and Best Character in 2004.



Photos courtesy of Sherry Hoger

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