2009 Founders & Directors Award RECIPIENT


1915 - 2009

As a nightclub bandleader in the 1930's, Michael Guido wandered into a revival service in Lorain, Ohio. to hear the piano player and intended to leave before the sermon, but somehow remained frozen to his seat for the entire service. A Baptist preacher spoke of God’s love in Jesus Christ and Michael’s heart melted. At the invitation he made his way to the altar to give his heart and life to Christ. Shortly after his conversion, Michael enrolled in Moody Bible Institute in Chicago to prepare for Christian service. On Guido’s first day at the Chicago school he was deeply moved by the magnificent stained glass window in the lobby depicting “The Sower.” The indelible impression made by the beautifully crafted window was destined to become the inspiration for Guido’s ministry, “Seeds from the Sower.” Early in Guido’s ministry he was on a preaching mission in Metter when he met Audrey Forehand. They were married and made Metter their home. They traveled all over the country, preaching to crowds large and small., living out of suitcases, and making friends wherever they went. A car crash nearly killed them and retired them from the road. They turned to radio to continue their ministry. For more than 50 years, Reverend Michael Guido spread his Christian message from studios in Metter Georgia, like seeds all around the world. "You don't go too many places and mention Metter that somebody doesn't want to know something personal about The Sower," explained longtime friend Ellis Wood, president of the Guido Evangelistic Association board of directors. 

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