2010 Legacy Inductee

Ed  Dunbar

1925 - 2008

Ed Dunbar was a life long resident of Augusta and the Manager/ Owner of WBBQ Radio Station from 1947 until 1987. Mr. Dunbar received a number of awards including the  Presidential Achievement Award from Paine College, the Di Gamma Kappa "Pioneer Georgia Broadcaster" Award, and was featured in the book "In Search of Excellence in Broadcasting". He was a member of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters. He served on the Mutual Broadcasting System's Advisory Board, the ABC Radio Contemporary Network Advisory Board, and National Association of Broadcasters Medium Market Radio Board. He was the voice of Trinity-On- The-Hill United Methodist Church's Broadcast ministries and the voice of Michael Guido's * Evangelistic Ministries radio program, Seed for the Sower.

*2009 GRHoF Founders and Directors Award recipient

The Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame is a Georgia non profit corporation and a  501 (c) (3) organization.

Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame Corporation, 2011