Career Achievement Inductees

Tom and Paul "Collins" Krimsier

Which one is Paul and which is Tom?

Tom Krimsier began his career at WQXI Atlanta with his brother Paul. They were Quixie’s “Tiger Twins”.  Working with some of radio’s most celebrated leaders, Tom developed his programming philosophy. The Tiger Twins moved to New Orleans legendary Top 40 station, WNOE. As FM radio began to take hold, the call came from San Francisco. Krimsier headed west to program KSFX, the ABC owned FM station. Working with Allen Shaw, and Rick Sklar, Krimsier lead the FM team through the top forty conversion of KSFX. Krimsier returned to New Orleans to program WWL, the legendary talk of the south 11 years. WBSN, a contemporary Christian station asked Krimsier to lead them from nowhere to somewhere, and taking the challenge, Krimsier took this local station to # 12 in the country (non commercial Christian stations). Krimsier remains at WBSN New Orleans. Tom said: “Every vote for the Quixie Tiger Twins is a vote for giving new talent a chance”

After studying radio, television and film at New York University, Paul Krimsier had a successful fifteen-year career in radio with on air stints in Atlanta (WQXI Tiger Twins) and New Orleans (WNOE Collins Twins). Paul went to New York where he worked for WPLJ as a top rated disc jockey. While in New York, Paul hosted concert events including music festivals in Central Park. He also was the voice over announcer for national television and radio commercials, and for the ABC network television series “In Concert”. Though primarily performing as talent, radio management work included public affairs responsibilities maintaining good relations with the community and its special interest groups. Paul moved into television management and executive positions at stations in New Orleans, Atlanta and Oklahoma City. TV Programming and marketing accomplishments include the first ever 3-D movie on commercial television. Paul became the Vice President in charge of entertainment programming for Turner Broadcasting TBS in Atlanta, and prepared for launching TNT. When Paul joined CBN Cable and became Senior Vice President of Programming, he re-launched it as The Family Channel. Paul returned to radio in 2000 with a daily morning iPraise radio show with his wife, Chris.


L-R: The original WQXI on Mathieson Drive in Buckhead, Quixie Money Match Books, and

the Quixie jocks on motorcycles at a sponsors dealership.


L-R: Tom on the air in New Orleans and Paul doing an interview for his church in Virginia Beach.

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