2010 Career Achievement

Kirk Mellish

From the time Kirk Mellish was a little boy he knew he wanted to grow up to be one of two things: either a fireman or a weatherman. Luckily for Atlanta residents, the WSB radio veteran chose to follow the weather. He was fascinated with science and his family nurtured that fascination by giving Kirk science kits as gifts when he was growing up. He says although broadcasting was not on his mind, he did use a CB radio to broadcast weather reports to truckers. When they began to ask him for forecasts, he started studying weather books. After graduating from Valparaiso University with a degree in broadcast meteorology, he joined WSB radio. That was over twenty years ago. Today, listeners tune in each day to find out how Kirk will rate that days weather on the “Mellish Meter” and he has become famous for severe weather reporting: “When the weather is hellish, depend on Mellish”

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