2012 Legacy Inductee

Robert L. "Bob" Hunnicutt, Jr.

1929 - 1984

Bob Hunnicutt was born in Cherokee Oklahoma, the son of a Methodist minister. As the family moved throughout western Oklahoma, Bob worked odd jobs in and out of broadcasting as an intern and on the air in different towns in the state. After high school, he moved to Fort Smith Arkansas in the mid 50’s to pursue his passion, a career radio.

He enlisted in the army and after the Korean War was stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta. In addition to getting married and starting a family, Hunnicutt got a job as an announcer at WRDW in 1963. A shoe shine boy used to hang around the station; the manager would run him off and the boy would say “one day I’m going to own this station”. James Brown bought the station and in 1968 Hunnicutt became consultant and chief engineer for Brown’s growing broadcasting company. He also did contract engineering for many stations in Augusta and Georgia.

In 1975, Hunnicutt got a construction permit for an FM station licensed to Waynesboro, about 25 miles south of Augusta. He built the station and put a gospel format on the air, one of the first such FMs in Georgia. In 1983, he purchased WKZK AM in Augusta, a gospel station, and operated both stations until his death.

Bob went to night school, got his law degree, and served as a magistrate judge in Burke County.

Bob Hunnicutt mentored many aspiring radio professionals in Augusta.

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