2013 Legacy Inductee

 Jimmy Dunaway

1926 - 1970

James Clarence Dunaway was born on July 5, 1926 in Carrollton. He graduated from Carrollton High School, attended the University of Georgia and graduated from West Georgia College with a degree in journalism. At age three, he was stricken with polio, rendered his left arm paralyzed. Despite this, he refused to see himself as different and played baseball and golf and operated a three turntable control room with one arm.  He got his first job at station WLBB in Carrollton when he was 19. His goal was to work at WSB in Atlanta. He worked in radio in Tallahassee, LaGrange, and Douglas as his career blossomed. He finally got the call to WSB, first as a reporter for police beats and then general news. He was honored by the Georgia Press Association for excellence in reporting. Dunaway was partnered with Bob Van Camp for the early morning show “The Dixie Farm and Home Hour”, on the air for nine years. Dunaway was a professional humorist and spent many hours off the air accumulating jokes from various publications, numbering and dating them,  cutting them out and placing each one on three by five cards,. Every day, he went to work with 50 cards and would recycle them after six months. His mantra in life was, “The only day that you lose in your life was a day that you did not laugh.” His heroes were his friend, the late Brother Dave Gardner and late Justin Wilson. Dunaway passed away in 1970.

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