2020 Legacy Inductees

(in alphabetical order)

"Mac" Beauchat

Mac Beauchat grew up in Statesboro Georgia. He moved to Orlando as a teen. After high school he attended broadcast school in Tampa. Mac's first radio job was in Alabama. He moved to Savannah and worked at WRHQ, WZAT, KIX 96, WSGA FM and other stations. On the air he was known as “Big Mac” and was described by fans and friends as a big teddy bear.


Norman Brooks

Norman Brooks radio career began in York Pennsylvania. He worked in Florida before becoming program director at WGST in Atlanta. While there he met his wife Sarah; they had three daughters. Brooks fondly remembered his time at WGST including friendship with Martin Luther King. In 1991 he taught classes at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland. He passed away in 2019.


Jim Clemens

Jim Clemens was born in Minnesota. His parents operated a RADIO/TV repair shop. While in college, he began his radio career and played country music one night a week. After brief stops in El Paso and San Antonio, Jim moved to WPLO in Atlanta as overnight jock. He eventually became program director. In 1973 Billboard music recognized him for pioneering the country music format.


"Humble" Hal Herrington, Jr.

Herrington was born and grew up in Waynesboro listening to Augusta stations WBBQ. In 1973, he began his radio career at WBRO in Waynesboro as ' Humble Hal”. August radio noticed him, and he began a long career working at stations there including WAUG, SUNNY 105, WGUS, WBBQ, and WRXR. Hal was a popular host of remote broadcasts and known for community service.


Wade Medlock

Wade Medlock was a lifelong Atlanta resident. After receiving a journalism degree from Georgia State where his radio career began. After college, and he worked at stations in Athens and Atlanta. In 1967, Medlock became a reporter and anchor for WGST. In 1983, he became general assignment reporter, then was promoted to news director. Wade was co-founder of the Georgia Network. He won multiple awards.


Brad Otwell Majors

Brad Otwell Majors was born in Texas, but his family moved to Marietta. He became interested in radio listening to WFOM. After college he enlisted in the Air Force and after the service began in radio in North Carolina. He moved to Macon and worked at WAYS where he was on the air and involved in station promotions and community projects. He passed away in 2019.


 Lamar Studstill

Lamar Studstill was born in Rhine Georgia. He received his master's degree from Emory and was an announcer for stations in Florida, Alabama and Macon. in 1982, his family purchased two stations in Swainsboro and more in Macon. in 988, the Studstill family purchased stations in Illinois and still operate them. Mr. Studstill passed away in 2019.


Sidney Wood, Jr.

(aka Kenny Diamond)

Sidney Wood, Jr. was born in Charlotte in 1965. He attended the University of Georgia and Morehouse College. Sidney's first radio jobs were at college stations. He used Kenny Diamond as his radio name and worked at WIGO, V103, KISS 104.7 and WAOK. Wood also had a voiceover career. He passed away in 2020.


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