Nomination, Voting, and Induction Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for induction into The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Only members may nominate and vote for Career Achievement inductees. If you are not a member, please click HERE and join. 

To join, you donít have to have had broadcast experience,

only an interest in Georgia radio.

Also, you donít have to live in, or, be from Georgia

to be a member. Only individuals may become members.

Companies, corporations, organizations, internet radio stations or schools are welcome to become benefactors.

For a benefactor brochure, email grmhof @  


To be eligible for induction into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, an individual must have:

        been born in Georgia and lived in the state for a reasonable period of time, and/or

        been employed in radio in Georgia, or

        been a citizen of Georgia and brought honor to the state through his/her radio career.


Nominate a Georgia radio professional to be inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. 


Members only may nominate in either the Legacy or Career Achievement categories.

Members will vote on the Career Achievement inductees.  


Members may only nominate one person,

per category each calendar year. The deadline for submissions for a calendar 

year is April 1st.


Members must submit their nomination by email,

using a nomination form. Click HERE to print the nomination form.

Complete and submit it before April 1st.


The likelihood that your nomination will be selected as a candidate

is directly affected by the amount of material submitted with the nomination.


To increase your nominee's chance of being selected,

send complete bio and contact information and,

 a color 5 x 7 jpeg photo with 600dpi resolution.

 Incomplete nomination forms will be returned

to member who made the submission.



We start new each year, so a nomination made in the past will receive no consideration, unless resubmitted with the required collateral material. 


Career Achievement inductees selected in member voting will be announced at the annual induction ceremony.


The Legacy Inductees are selected by management. 

Members choose the Career Achievement inductees each year. *

In order to vote in the annual election, you must be a member by June 1st of the election year. 

Voting takes place in July each year and is done via the Internet, therefore, members must have a valid non employment email address on file  with us in order to vote. A member who  provides an email address at their place of employment then has voting problems cannot be assisted unless they provide us with a  non employment email address. It is the members responsibility to notify us

in the event their email address changes.


Any member without Internet access may request a paper ballot

by sending a stamped self addressed envelope to:

The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame - PO Box 3459 - LaGrange, Georgia 30241

prior to June 15th of the year.



The results of the vote tabulation are then weighed against market membership to determine the number of final inductees from a particular market (or ADI) and candidate market identification. Voting is conducted by an independent firm. Final inductee names are announced at our annual Induction Awards Event.

Failure To Vote

A member who fails to vote in the previous three elections will be placed on an inactive list.  The member does not loose the right to vote however, they must contact us to be returned to active status. A $10.00 donation is required.


The number of inductees annually will be up to management.


There are special awards not necessarily given each year and

selected by management.* Members are welcome to nominate individuals

for these awards but, may not vote on their selection.


The Elmo Ellis Award Spirit Award

 The Founder and Directors Award

The Horizon Award


 Families of individuals selected as Legacy inductees will be notified in advance.


Names of Career Achievement inductees will be kept confidential

until the awards program.**  


* Names of individuals selected for a special award will be announced in advance

** Individuals selected for Career Achievement induction who reside outside of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, or Tennessee, 

will be notified at the discretion of management

in order to make travel and accommodation reservations. 


The Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame is a Georgia non profit corporation and a  501 (c) (3) organization

© 2019 Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame Corporation